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The solution for those who want to make their food and wine product known to wealthy people in China

Bicchiere di vino

Analysis & Strategy

  • Analyze the market and the cultural context

  • Analyze the strategies of competitors already positioned

  • Learn about the strengths of the hotel for Chinese tourists

  • Develop a strategy aimed at brand positioning

Online Positioning

  • We create and optimize the social channels suitable for the brand (usually WeChat and Weibo)

  • We translate the website

  • We position the site on Baidu


  • We manage the communication channels to make the hotel known to Chinese tourists

  • We manage the booking platforms by optimizing the presence of the hotel

  • We manage the interaction with the community and the brand, with attention to the linguistic and cultural aspect

  • We create targeted paid advertising campaigns

  • We select and interact with local influencers known in China (KOL and KOC)

  • We constantly analyze the results and give inputs to improve the experience for new customers

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