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Do you want to make your brand known in the Fashion and Luxury sector?

"Right after the start we saw the results of the work done by the CDM team. This partnership is essential to position ourselves in one of the most important markets in the world" Mirco Carpanese - Export Manager Carpanese Home"

Mirco Carpanese - Export Manager Carpanese Home

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Analysis & Strategy

  • Analyze the market and the cultural context

  • Analyze the strategies of competitors already positioned

  • Dialogue and learn more about the customer's product to understand how to communicate it

  • Develop a strategy aimed at brand positioning

Online Positioning

  • We create and optimize the social channels suitable for the brand (usually WeChat, Little Red Book, Weibo)

  • We translate your website 

  • We position your site on Baidu


  • We manage communication channels to bring potential customers to online or offline stores

  • We create targeted paid advertising campaigns

  • We select and interact with influencers (KOL and KOC)

  • We constantly analyze the results and make suggestions to improve the presentation of the product for that market

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