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China Digital Marketing  
for gold and jewelry industry

Communication - relationship with buyers - marketing - live sales in China

Born in the Vicenza district, we know the values and peculiarities of the industry. We have great experience in bringing out businesses in the goldsmithing world.


We support them to increase sales and visibility, both in the West and in China, and we communicate on Chinese platforms thanks to a team of professionals born in China and raised in Italy.


If you have a company and are interested in China, contact us for an exploratory call.

How can we support you?

  • We make the brand known in China through marketing on the main social and platforms such as Little Red Book, WeChat, Weibo, Douyin.

  • We connect the company with buyers and stores in the most interesting areas of the country. We support in relationship development, translations and everything else needed to do business in China.

  • Through proprietary software, we analyze the market, how competitors are moving, and gather information to build the best strategy

  • We sell live directly to China from trade shows and at client companies.

  • We support distribution in Italy or Europe, bringing wealthy Chinese customers into the mostly single-brand outlets.

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Some realities with which
we have had the pleasure of collaborating with:

Logo Brand

Do you want to expand in China using

funds provided by calls and concessional finance?

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