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China Jewelry Trends Report 2024 - Your guide to better understand the Chinese jewelry market

Updated: Jan 25

China Jewelry Trends Report 2024 | CDM Marketing

The year just passed has brought to the complete end of the restrictions for the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in China with the final opening of its borders to the world. Despite this, multiple complex situations make the international economic recovery difficult, and China is no exception.

While numerous sectors in China face uncertainties, the country's jewelry industry exhibits remarkable resilience, by outperforming other sectors and experiencing rapid growth.

Unlike other industries rooted in modern origins - such as luxury, tourism, and lifestyle for instance - the jewelry industry in China has deep-seated ties to the country's cultural and social history. The fact that Chinese jewellery buyers span various generations means as a whole China’s jewellery market is showing some utterly different reality.

For example, while the US or Europe see diamonds unquestionably dominate the jewelry-making scene, in China, gold commands over 50% of sales, valued not only for its aesthetics but also for its investment and social significance.

As suggested by data, over the past years the Chinese jewelry market has displayed robust growth patterns. As of 2020, the market value of the industry reached RMB 610 billion. This saw a significant surge, with the market's total size approximating RMB 815,9 billion in 2022.

The Chinese jewelry market: an ever-evolving scenario

As in almost every aspect of today’s Chinese society, the landscape is undergoing a significant transformation due to the surge in younger consumers. Not surprisingly, individuals aged 18 to 35 represent now over half of China’s jewelry-consumption market share and their tastes and sensitivities are changing the way jewelry is perceived and bought. 

Naturally, these market developments create substantial opportunities for brands, both Western and Chinese. The competition is intensifying, especially with the rapid digitization and social media integration of the Chinese market, unlike anything seen in other countries.

For the first time in China's history, brand value surpasses material as the primary driver for jewelry choices. Brands looking to capitalize on this new reality in the Chinese market must craft unique narratives and positions, establish effective sales channels (such as eCommerce and live-streaming sales), and implement savvy marketing tactics (including social media marketing and influencer collaborations).

Discover the China Jewelry Trends Report 2024

Understanding how the market and the customer's tastes are changing is a pivotal as well as challenging task.

The Table of Contents of our report

Having this in mind, our China Jewelry Trends Report 2024 has the clear ambition to help and guide our customers, prospects and stakeholders in their quest to understand the market's dynamics.

Divided into three chapters, our report wants to shed a light not only on the general market but also stress the importance of the new consumers demographics and on the role that the Gen-Z is playing in shaping the trends as well as the way jewelry is perceived and consequently communicated.

Why should you read the China Jewelry Trends Report?

1. Market insights to make the right decisions:

  • Discover various insights about market shares, major and emerging areas of consumption in China, and rising trends. 

  • Gain insights into why gold, with its dual role as an adornment and investment, holds 50% of the market share, setting it apart from global trends.

2. Generational dynamics to target your target:

  • Understand the diverse demographic of Chinese jewelry buyers, spanning various generations, and grasp how this diversity shapes the market landscape.

  • Discover how the younger generations (18 to 35 years old) represent now over 50% of China’s jewelry-consumption market share.

  • Understand how their tastes and sensitivities are changing the way jewelry is perceived and bought in China.

3. Understanding of Chinese customers to promote a brand effectively:

  • Delve into the profound cultural and social history that intertwines with China's jewelry industry, offering diverse perspectives that brands should consider when aiming to promote themselves in the most impactful manner.

4. Strategies and opportunities for Western brands to expand their sales:

  • Gain actionable strategies for navigating the evolving Chinese market, including narrative crafting, effective sales channel establishment, and innovative marketing tactics. 

  • Discover the significance of adapting to the digital landscape and understanding the pivotal role of successful social media integration in a business development strategy, supported by insights and brand examples.

The right information and most importantly how to use it is the key to succeed in the market. With our know-how of the industry and our Chinese team, based both in Italy and in Shanghai, we are here to support your company to take your business to the next step!

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